The Frisbee Lesson

iStock_000007686506MediumPlaying catch with the frisbee can teach you a couple of things. One of those is “letting go.” Throwing a frisbee is all in the release. Smooth, intentional, focused and relaxed. It’s more about the eyes than the hands – more about vision than control. A small act of faith that gives one the confidence to let it fly.

The other thing you learn is how to let it come to you. You can spend a lot of time and energy chasing, overrunning and trying to change direction. Or, you can pay attention, notice the loft, the speed, the angle and let it come to you. That doesn’t mean just standing still as much as it means getting to where it’s going and being there to receive it. Watch your dog sometime.

We’re trained to go hard, chase things down and grab them and get control. Frisbee though is different. Frisbee is all about letting it go and letting come to you.iStock_000006549282Medium

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